By Mochilla | August 22, 2008

So first Saturday… Azymuth (Bertrami, Malheiros and Conti) will be on fire live at the EchoPlex and if you don’t know by now how special that is then you haven’t been paying attention. The Beat Konducta will be doing his special magic too, as will J.Rocc, Coleman and myself. Carlinhos De Pandeiro Ouro who first became known to the world through his appearance in Orfeu Negro back in 1959 (the kids dancing and playing with Orfeu) will be bringing his brand of acoustic Brasilian love too. Needless to say Samba dancers, caipirinhas and good times will be had. Gauranteed. Please support this independently produced event, Azymuth haven’t played in the US in more than twenty years and to make it all even more groovy it is Mamao’s birthday. Don’t miss this…

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Secondly – after months of work with Braydon Fuller and Stephen Serrato we have relaunched It is filled with new and old content. Braydon has hooked us with a whole new system and we are trying it out on you this week. There are lots of corrections and things to be added but with our new user – friendly system Coleman and myself will be adding, correcting and remixing over the coming months. We are very proud of it and I think you will find lots to look at… All feedback gratefully accepted.

That’s it—thanks to the good folks at Mas Exitos for an amazing night on Tuesday… see you Saturday.

Bring dancing shoes…

Paz e luz