Primo and Maestre Salu

By Mochilla | September 9, 2008

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of two greats of Brasilian music in the past week.
Maestre Salustiano was one of the greats of Pernambucano culture. His mastery of the Rabeca, his humor and his incredible music will leave a strong light on the city of Recife. He was filmed by us for a forthcoming documentary. His wisdom, wit and generosity made our fist day of shooting pass with incredible pleasure. His version of Asa Branca on the Rabeca (African Violin) brought tears to my eyes and clearly expressed his understanding of Nordestino Culture. The heavens will be brighter with his arrival.
Secondly and even closer to our camp is DJ Primo. What can be said of this man. He was an extraordinary person. As Cut observed “We don’t speak the same language but me and this guy can speak through our scratches”. We met Primo in 2002 when he was first in Sao Paulo – he fell in easily with the whole Mochilla crew. His sincerity and sensitivity beyond language was quickly apparent. He sat in for the tribute to Dilla from the 2006 SESC show. See here

Obrigado Dilla
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It is now with a sad irony that Primo has joined Dilla. We will miss him. The boyish smile, the indefatigable enthusiasm and the deep spiritual wisdom. Our hearts go out to his family and Patricia.