[Event ] Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Madlib +more!

By Mochilla | October 27, 2009

VTech and Mochilla present:

Friday November 6th, 2009

Live Performances by:

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble

DJ Sets from:




The Echoplex

1154 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles Ca 90026

$15 presale :: $20 at the door

Presale tickets available

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21 + wiser | 9pm-2am

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass
Ensemble are a family, literally. They are the heirs to the great
musical tradition of Chicago. Their father Phil Cohran trained them
from aged three to play hard, fast and together. They boast a fan base
as wide and eclectic as Barack Obama, David Byrne, Q-Tip, Jay-Z, Erykah
Badu, Jools Holland and thousands more. Now with the news that they
along with Mos Def and drummer extraordinaire Tony Allen will form the
new Gorillaz outfit, you realize that this is no ordinary collective.

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (HBE), a band comprised of eight brothers,
all sons of Sun Ra trumpeter and songwriter Phil Cohran, have been
playing since they were three years of age and have inherited a lineage
deeper than most bands will ever attain. Raised on the south side of
Chicago, their musical heritage is rooted in their genes. They have
brothers and sisters that are professional musicians, their mothers are
singers and their father, Phil Cohran, a legendary visionary and
teacher has music experiences from the 1940s in St. Louis to his
seminal role with Sun Ra in Chicago in the 1950s.

As Sun Ra moved to the east coast in 1960, Cohran stayed behind in
Chicago to be with his family. As his children grew, Cohran worked as a
musical activist and educator, which led to the establishment of the
Sun Ark in a warehouse behind their family home. At night while the
children slept, they would hear their father rehearsing with his band
the ‘Circle of Sound.’ At six in the morning, they were awoken to
practice music for several hours before going to school. From an early
age they were a central part of their father’s Youth Ensemble. At night
they listened to NWA and Public Enemy, and Ice Cube and Eazy-E were
their heroes.

By the end of the nineties, with everyone out of school, they
concentrated on their music full time. With a mix of their jazz roots
and their hip-hop sensibility, they made a living for themselves on the
streets of Chicago. While performing on a subway platform, they
stumbled upon their name when a man who watched them for hours, missing
train after train, proclaimed that he has been “hypnotized” by their
music. With their composer skills aiding them to create a sound wholly
their own, the group moved to New York City where they played with Mos
Def and Erykah Badu.

From a chance encounter in November of 2005, and support from numerous
artists, the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble has released an album brimming
with musical magic. Recorded on the back of the Africa Express trip to
Lagos last October, during a three-day stop-over in London, with the
drummer’s stool shared by Malcolm Catto from the The Heliocentrics,
Sola Akingbola from Jamiroquai, and the one and only Tony Allen, and
other musical luminaries Flea and Paul Simenon, this album is all that
is cracked up to be and more.

In May 2009, Blur and Gorillaz’s frontman Damon Alburn’s Honest Jon
label dropped the Hypnotic’s first official full length studio album to
accolades the music world over. With the sound, form, and structure in
their musicianship and songwriting, the HBE have the ability to put on
live shows that would put veteran bands to shame.

Hypnotic Underground: http://vimeo.com/3010228
Mercury (War) http://vimeo.com/1418890
The New Yorker: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Documentary:


Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Born into a highly intellectual and creative family that exposed him to everything from classical to Motown to Jazz, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson has been dedicated to music literally his entire life. At age four while on a visit to a Suzuki Program Institute his brother was attending, Miguel first was exposed to the violin and decided then and there that he wanted to start lessons. At 12 he switched to the viola and also began composing orchestral music. During high school he received various scholarships to study with some of the world’s greatest musicians which led to him attending USC on a full scholarship.

Taking an unusual route for a string player, Miguel has been adamant about pursuing deeply involving and creative roles in the music making process such as composing, writing and producing original pieces. He has recorded and performed with a vast array of legendary musicians such as Ray Charles,Quincy Jones, Billy Higgins, Esa-Pekka Solonen, Stevie Wonder, John Williams, Dr. Dre and more. He has appeared on the Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Jay Leno Show, MTV and BET.

In 2008 he took on the daunting task of adapting the late J Dilla¹s music to the orchestral format and made his debut as a conductor at the Timeless: A Suite For Ma Dukes concert where he directed an orchestra performing his Dilla-inspired compositions. One of the most unique qualities about Miguel is his inherent need to challenge himself and master new terrains, he has various different groups he performs with and is currently building towards touring with his own orchestra.


Madlib is one of the most ambitious and engaging figures in modern hip-hop history. An enthusiastic crate-digger and multi-instrumentalist with a deep reverence for jazz and soul, Madlib has an expansive style and deft touch for composition that makes him one of hip hop’s most sought-after producers.

He began his career with hip-hop trio Lootpack, who debuted on Tha Alkoholiks’ 1993 album 21 & Over; but, it is through his decade-long relationship with Stones Throw Records that he diversified his musical output. Often shying away from the limelight, many of his
releases have been under various aliases.

In 2000, he released The Unseen under the guise of his alter-ego, Quasimoto. He followed up a year later with Yesterdays New Quintet, a project that infused his exploration of jazz with electronic style and hip-hop substance.

Since 2003, Madlib has put out several releases reflecting his growing versatility: Shades of Blue, a jazz remix project for Blue Note; Champion Sound with J Dilla under the name Jaylib; and Madvillainy, his partnership with MF Doom. In 2008, he released Sujinho under the name Jackson Conti a collaboration based around Brazilian percussionist Ivan “Mamão” Conti on Mochilla.

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