okay we have been swamped

By Mochilla | February 11, 2009

So Timeless has begun and it has buried the Mochilla camp in details. Details like how can we accomodate such amazing musical talents in one go as Verocai, Mulatu, Axelrod. Damn this is beyond our imaginations. By now Mulatu has come and conquered. Three hundred were turned away. If you are reading this and you were turned away I am sorry but we sold it out. A huge victory for music and culture in our fair city. If you were inside then you know whats really going on. An amazing night was had.

So onto the next. Please please don’t sleep on Miguel Atwood Fergusons “Suite for Ma Dukes” trust me when I tell you that you have not heard “anything quite like this”.
We have a blog specifically for the EP here freedomofsoftware.org/suiteformadukes where we will be putting up parts for all you beatmakers to sink your drum machines into. The show is on February 22nd and either get to the Luckman Box office or to Ticketmaster because it most likely will sell out. There will also be several heavy hitters on board to celebrate the music of the sadly missed James Yancey.
Okay back to the details… Happy Valentines and Black History to the future.