[Audio/Slide Show] VTech and Mochilla Present Sounds of Ayiti - A Man Called Warwick

By Mochilla | December 2, 2010

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VTech and Mochilla Present Sounds of Ayiti:
A Man Called Warwick

VTech continually gives you music from all over the world for free. This week we want you to download this mix, think about where it came from, and if you can do something to help.

This Summer Coleman, Quantic and I drove across Colombia. It was an amazing trip through the Andes and along the way we listened to a lot of incredible music, new and old. One of the things that we kept going back to was this mix we have provided for you to download here today.

Symon Warwick has been doing the Turning Point Series in Canada now for many years. He has built a club that is centered on an appreciation of music played from vinyl, music from all over the world but especially the Caribbean. This mix is his view of the music of Haiti.

Haiti is a country of incredible culture, music, visual arts and people. However Haiti has been the brunt of some of the post-colonial world’s worst decision making. Then on January the 12th of 2010 the unforeseeable happened when a huge earthquake hit. As we go into this week of Thanksgiving here at Mochilla and VTech we wanted to celebrate what is great about Haiti and give you a chance to contribute to its revival.

I had the opportunity to visit Jacmel, Haiti in 2007 with Damian Marley. He played a free show on the beach there. It was an amazing experience and one that I wont forget anytime soon. On the Saturday morning of the show myself and some of the video crew snuck off without security clearance to the town to see what life in Haiti was like. I shot a few rolls got some photos I liked and well didn’t think too much about it. Some of these photos are the slide show above. Then when the worst happened I began wondering what had become of Jacmel. Well things are even worse than I thought. Here is a trailer from the Cine Institute based in Jacmel of a forthcoming documentary about life in a camp there. VTech, Mochilla and Symon Warwick are donating on behalf of this mix to Haiti (see links below) we strongly encourage you to do the same this week. Haiti is our neighbor it needs help, please do what you can.

Here are some places to start, I’ve tried to suggest places that work with Haitians and that have low bureaucratic costs… but research and find what works for your money.

Cine Institute of Haiti

Notes for Haiti

Partners in Health

Islamic Relief

Operation USA

Above all enjoy the week and when you’ve downloaded this mix – you know what to do… Turn it up.


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