[Slideshow ] Timeless Harlem!

By Mochilla | September 17, 2010

Timeless goes to Harlem!!

California apostille. Including birth certificate apostille.

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Tools of War in conjunction with Maysles Cinema

and Mochilla brings Timeless to Saint Nicholas Park in Harlem

with help from VTech.

Tuesday night in Harlem under looming rainy
skies the Timeless Machine landed at the Tools of War Park Jam. Christie-Z and Tools of War have been bringing this amazing free event to parks all over New York for many years now. Giving people the opportunity to see hip-hop as it was originally done in the park. Tuesday’s jam was entitled Diggers Delight and as Grandmaster Caz proclaimed all night… “this is not an event for you to hear the standard round the way music, this is an event for you to hear people who dig deeper and come back with the heavy cuts.” Heavy cut finders for the evening were Lean Roc, Bobbito and the incredible Jazzy Jay and Grand Wizard Theodore was just hanging out!

This was a perfect lead in for Timeless which is an event conceived of by people who dig and who assembled an Orchestra to pay homage to that music live! Needless to say J.Rocc killed it. It was certainly inspiring to see and hear the music of Mulatu, Verocai and Dilla loud outside and across Harlem. One man had come down from his apartment on the corner of 135th and St Nicholas, he was a producer for BET. He told me “I couldn’t work, this music is way too beautiful, and when I saw it was a film too I almost lost my mind… we need more of this”… Indeed we do.

Turn it up!

Photos by B+ and Patrick Buddhabong

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