NY Times Arts MUSIC REVIEW: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson : Improvisation in Harlem

By Mochilla | July 11, 2011

“One of the magnetic forces holding together a lot of New York’s better jazz musicians right now is the hip-hop composer and producer J Dilla, who died in 2006. It has to do with the fascinatingly human lurch and pop of his sampled rhythm tracks, but something bigger, too: the improvisational curiosity he had about rhythm and sound. He’s at the heart of the contention that hip-hop and jazz have internal points of contact, not just philosophical ones. “

NY TIMES ARTS: Music Review: Improvisation in Harlem, Corner of Hip-Hop and Jazz

photo:mylan cannon | NY TIMES | Harlem 2011

“And this is one of the entryways for understanding Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, the young violinist, composer and arranger who led his own ensemble, full of great jazz musicians from two coasts, in a concert on Saturday night at Annunciation Park in Harlem. A work-for-hire violinist and string arranger, he has more recently started to become a kind of Wynton Marsalis or Gunther Schuller for the postsoul, semijazz, pacifist-hip-hop continuum: a leader of skilled ensembles, a celebrator of repertories, an organizer of legacies. “