Moses Sumney "Replaceable"

By Coleman | August 2, 2013

Director:  B+ (Brian Cross)
Producer: Thalma de Freitas
Sound Recording:  Benjamin Tierney
Production Assistance: Azul 213 Amaral and Sufia Toorawa
Location: Hardware  Studio, Los Angeles

On June 1st, King, the vocal trio from Minnesota began their month long residency at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles.  The opening act was a tall, charismatic, and talented young artist named Moses Sumney.  Sumney’s music is a tender combination of singer-songwriter soul with a tough and sometimes daring series of vocal loops.  Performing by himself, he was openly nervous and dealt with it with a bright sense of humor.  However, as soon as the music started, his gift overcame any timidity making the delighted audience scream at the end of every song, each time louder.  I approached him afterwards and we struck up a conversation.  Later that evening I thought it might be nice for Mochilla to help showcase his talent. This video is what came of that thought.  Just one take, no edits, no corrections, no after effects, just pure soul.


-Thalma de Freitas