L.A. born artist Eric Coleman began taking pictures at the age of twelve. His youthful hobby led to a career as a professional photographer in which, over a 10-year period, Coleman has grown to be an innovator with a unique style of photography.

Coleman deepened his appreciation and enthusiasm for photography while attending The Royal College of Art in London. There he was able to cultivate his distinctive style of visual communication while honing his craft with top level professionals.

He gained his first editorial commissions while working as a freelance photo assistant for some of the most acclaimed photographers of our time such as Peter Lindhberg, Melodie Mcdaniel, Steve Heitt, Robert Erdman and Rankin. Coleman has honed his skills in a diverse range of fields such as fine art, photo journalism, fashion, landscape and music photography.

Eric Coleman partnered with L.A. based photographer B+ to form Mochilla, a production company that has grown to produce several films, music videos and music albums. As an Executive Producer and Cinematographer, Coleman spent the last three years working on “Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos” a film that explores the shared relationship between hip-hop and Brasilian music.

Coleman has exhibited his photographic work at the Transport Gallery in Los Angeles, Commonwealth Gallery in Virginia and the Royal Academy of Art Gallery in London. His photographs have graced the pages of numerous publications including InStyle, ReUp, Fader, Teen Vogue and many others. He shoots for record labels such as Stones Throw, Warner Brothers Music, JazzySport Japan, etc.

He has photographed actors and artists such Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Terrence Howard, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Madlib, Hill Harper, Christina Milian, DJ Shadow, Ernie Barnes, Faith Evans and MF Doom. Eric Coleman has produced popular photographic campaigns for many apparel manufacturers such as Vans, Elements, Elwood, Aesthetics, Alphanumeric, Live Mechanics and many more.