B+ (aka Brian Cross) was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland. He attended the National College of Art and Design in Dublin graduating in 1989 with a degree in [...]

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L.A. born artist Eric Coleman began taking pictures at the age of twelve. His youthful hobby led to a career as a professional photographer in which [...]

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Mochilla is a production company formed by photographers Eric Coleman and B+ in 1997. The pair were working together on a music video for DJ Shadow near the pyramids outside Mexico City. One day during a conversation with the Mexican producer in an attempt to explain their philosophy of shooting they stumbled on the Spanish word for backpack. Mochilla.

In 1997 backpack was an almost derogatory term for independent hip-hop. Backpackers kept their rhyme books or spray cans with them at all times and this required a bag. The bag would be slung across their backs so that they would be mobile. “If the equipment doesn’t fit in the backpack we wont shoot it” became the defining rule in the formation of Mochilla.

It was part practical adage (both photographers being committed to a practice that prioritizes engagement over production values) — part nod to the group of film makers called Dogma started by Lars Van Triers. Ten years later Mochilla has produced five music videos, four documentaries, several ad campaigns, a remix album and more than forty album covers and continues to grow.

Both Coleman and B+ have taken their respective fields to new heights selling films to the Sundance Channel, being distributed by Ninja Tune touring Europe several times executing campaigns for Adidas, Dickies, Alphanumeric and Vans. They both have successful solo careers but their continuing collaboration is housed at Mochilla.

Mochilla continues to grow — from successful production house to nose flute peddlers.