Cine Privê - Domenico


Domenico writes and co-writes all the songs, sings, plays guitar and designs the rhythmically adventurous soundscapes heard on Cine Privê. With the help of old (Pedro Sá, Alberto Continentino, Moreno Veloso, Kassin, and Adriana Calcanhotto) and newer (Money Mark and Darin Gray & Glenn Kotche of Duo On Fillmore) friends and musical collaborators the songs were recorded live in the studio with most tracks calling on no more than three musicians at a time.


Timeless (Remixed) Vinyl EP


Timeless was the live recording of the decade somehow. How else could this dream festival have happened – and have been recorded and filmed so beautifully. Now Timeless has been remixed. Six great producers across genres have taken a bite from each of the concerts and remade the magic. “Mulatu Astake, master Arthur Verocai, and[...]


Ambassador Bridge / Ta’Raach


In this mix, Ta’Raach takes us on a musical road trip through the motor city. Soul, rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, and house are just a handful of the genres that are a blended in this homage to Ta’Raach’s beloved hoemtown — the “D”. This is the sort of dedication that would make the Electrifying Mojo[...]


Midnight in Yerevan / Bei Ru


This mix encompasses what I consider to be one of the most fruitful periods in modern popular Armenian music – the late 1960s to the late 1970s. What I find most appealing about this era is the experimentation with electric instruments, as well as strong influences from various other genres of music. Traditional Armenian folk[...]


Konichiwa Bitches / Babu


Several months ago my friends B+ and EC hit me up about doing a mixtape consisting of Japanese records. B, E and myself had all been on ridiculous digging missions together before and they had known that I had lost my mind in japan a couple times copping Japanese joints… so this idea made perfect[...]


¡A Mover El Bote! / Tropicaza


What you are about to listen is Mexican music: recorded in Mexico from 1964 to 1979. Here’s just a little bit of how we used to do it back in the day, the Mexican way. [full description: ] -Tropicaza, Mexico City, 2011.


Sounds of Al-Mashriq / Coleman


To say that we have been astonished, amazed, shocked, gratified and humbled is to put things mildly. We have only begun to scratch the deep surface of this world, and yet so many things have been revealed already. In honor of these visits and our growing cultural exchange, we are presenting a mix of some[...]


DJ Nu-Mark: Take Me With You


A Note About “Take Me With You” When you’re headed out the door for your next vacation “Take Me With You”. This mix is intended to travel with you on your next tropical adventure to paint the musical background for your trip. I was inspired to make a mix that captures funk inspired rhythms from[...]


DJ Dusk’s Rootdown Sound Clash


In 2001 Los Angeles club, The Root Down put on their first of a three part series called Sound Clash. It featured Madlib and Cut Chemist going head to head, beat for beat for respect in front of a packed club. Each of the tracks had never been released. Each of the three rounds saw[...]


Brasilintime DVD


The feature length film, plus lots of extras – special features deleted scenes, photo galleries and live footage. 2 dual layer dvds. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese subtitles. NTSC Region free.


sujinho / jackson conti / cd


Sujinho features covers of legendary artists as well as brand spanking new original material from Madlib and Mamão. $14.99


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